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Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Sun May 22 20:27:33 EDT 2005

Hi Cory,

søn, 22 05 2005 kl. 20:04 -0400, skrev Cory Trese:
>     * C# compiler: /usr/local/bin/mcs -define:GTK_SHARP_2_6
My config summary shows this:
* C# compiler: /usr/local/bin/mcs
No -define. Is that important, and if so, how to you activate that?

> Optional assemblies included in the build:
>     * art-sharp.dll: yes
>     * gnomevfs-sharp.dll: yes
>     * gnome-sharp.dll: yes
>     * glade-sharp.dll: yes
>     * gda-sharp.dll: yes
>     * gnomedb-sharp.dll: yes
>     * rsvg-sharp.dll: yes
>     * gtkhtml-sharp.dll: yes
>     * vte-sharp.dll: yes
>     * gtk-dotnet.dll: yes
> ---------------------------
> You, in particular, should check for the "gnome-sharp.dll" library. 
> If it is present and the MD environment still reports the same error,
> check your installation prefix (/usr/local for me) and compare it to
> /etc/ld.so.conf
This help some: added /usr/local/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf and run

Now I get a splash screen but it ends with this error message:
loke:/tmp/monodevelop-0.7$ monodevelop

Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: gnomesharpglue-2
in (wrapper managed-to-native) Gnome.Program:gtksharp_gnome_program_init
in <0x00284> Gnome.Program:.ctor (System.String app_id, System.String
app_version, ModuleInfo module, System.String[] argv, System.Object[]
in <0x004c1> MonoDevelop.SharpDevelopMain:Main (System.String[] args)
loke:/tmp/monodevelop-0.7$ sudo vi /etc/ld.so.conf
loke:/tmp/monodevelop-0.7$ sudo ldconfig
loke:/tmp/monodevelop-0.7$ monodevelop
2005-05-23 02:25:35,534 [-1210334560] INFO
MonoDevelop.Services.ILoggingService [(null)] - WARNING Could not find
stock Icons.16x16.FindPrevIcon
2005-05-23 02:25:35,611 [-1210334560] INFO
MonoDevelop.Services.ILoggingService [(null)] - WARNING Could not find
stock gtk-stop
2005-05-23 02:25:35,685 [-1210334560] INFO
MonoDevelop.Services.ILoggingService [(null)] - Creating
Loading error, please reinstall :
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance
of an object
in <0x00111> Gdl.DockLayout:SetupObject (System.Xml.XmlNode node)
in <0x00097> Gdl.DockLayout:RecursiveBuild (System.Xml.XmlNode
parentNode, Gdl.DockObject parent)
in <0x0015d> Gdl.DockLayout:Load (System.Xml.XmlNode node)
in <0x0006d> Gdl.DockLayout:LoadLayout (System.String name)
in <0x000b0> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:set_CurrentLayout
(System.String value)
in <0x001ca> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:SwitchContext
(MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchContext ctxt)
in <0x00296> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:CreateDefaultLayout ()
in <0x00640> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:Attach (IWorkbench wb)
in <0x00050> MonoDevelop.Gui.DefaultWorkbench:set_WorkbenchLayout
(IWorkbenchLayout value)
in <0x00037> MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchSingleton:SetWbLayout ()
in <0x00007> MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchSingleton:CreateWorkspace ()
in <0x00044> MonoDevelop.Commands.InitializeWorkbenchCommand:Run ()
in <0x007ac> MonoDevelop.SharpDevelopMain:Main (System.String[] args)

Any clues?

Michael Rasmussen

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