[Mono-devel-list] [ What the? SharpDevelop? ]

Dane-Garrin Balia monodev at gmail.com
Mon May 9 13:37:12 EDT 2005

Hi again

Ok so I've managed to get a little smarter and downloaded the new
monodevelop 0.6, seeing that the one on the go-mono site, had a bug of
So I grabbed the latest tarball from SVN and walla, problem solved.
But again, two dependencies were required, that being of glib-gettext
and intltool.
After solving that, I seem to be getting an error in my "make" of
monodevelop 0.6:

Making all in ICSharpCode.SharpAssembly
make[3]: Entering directory
make[3]: *** No rule to make target
`src/SharpAssembly/Metadata/Rows/AssemblyProcessor.cs', needed by
`../../../build/bin/ICSharpCode.SharpAssembly.dll'.  Stop.

I went into that subdirectory, and read the README.TXT, and it tells
me, before I can make this library I need, SharpDevelop. Now is this

Cause if I am a linux developer, who refutes the Microsoft world....
am I supposed to taint myself with the evils of windows and compile it there.
And if so, isn't this a challenging way of getting this library compiled.

Trying to be smarter, I went to SVN again and grab the latest tarball,
8 weeks old, and I still got the same thing.

Any ideas?
Is my theory correct.

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