[Mono-devel-list] Memory management for long running processes

Alex Chudnovsky alexc at majestic12.co.uk
Mon Mar 28 16:25:41 EST 2005

Ben Maurer wrote:

>Can you try that desc-heap thing I described? Having somebody take an
>initial look at that would really help me.
I just tried that and got error:

** (MJ12nodeMono.exe:25359): WARNING **: Error loading profiler module 
libmono-profiler-desc-heap.so: cannot open shared object file: No such 
file or directory

Could not find that library anywhere on the system, is it supposed to be 
part of source distribution
of Mono? Perhaps some extra package is necessary to have this library 

>Maybe it makes sense to use RSS for that. Do people have any thoughts?
>(This would also be for S.Environment.WorkingSet, which is a much easier
>way to get what you want).
I have no idea what RSS is, but Environment.WorkingSet returns the same 
value -- 0 on Linux, but it works
on Windows :-/



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