[Mono-devel-list] Just something the lazy me cooked to help committing to svn

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 14:17:21 EST 2005

Being the it's-not-good-until-I-tweak-it type of guy, I present a
patch to the svnci script, with some small things:

* For the lazy devs like me, if you specify files to the script you
can omit the ChangeLog in the current directory, the patch adds it
* I reformatted the output with some rulers to make things a bit more clear.
* I filtered svn st to not show lines started with '?' in the committing list

If it ends in svn, OK, if not, OK too as I'll be using my custom
version anyway (as it also uses gedit as an editor instead of vi).

Have fun, boys and girls :)

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 16:09:10 -0500, Ben Maurer <bmaurer at ximian.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 17:53 -0300, Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> > I've put this alias definition in ~/.bashrc
> >
> > alias commit="(svn diff ChangeLog | grep ^+[^+] | colrm 1 1 > log) &&
> > cat log && svn commit -F log && rm log"
> >
> > With it I just edit the changelog and call it when ready to commit the work.
> > A good thing is that errors in comunication or collisions stop the
> > process without further ado.
> >
> > Just a small gotcha, diff may present lines "out-of-order" for
> > multiple sucessive entries in the same day by the same person, but
> > there is no loss of information unless you start to yank things out of
> > the ChangeLog.
> There is a script called svnci in svn-tools for this that is only a
> little bit more sane :-)
> -- Ben

Rafael "Monoman" Teixeira
I'm trying to become a "Rosh Gadol" before my own eyes. 
See http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2004/12/06.html for enlightment.
It hurts!
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