[Mono-devel-list] Introducing GtkSpell#

Zac Bowling zac at zacbowling.com
Thu Mar 24 12:41:37 EST 2005

I already commited to the svn last night :-) Its under

I've updated it and regenerated with gapi so the api is different now.
(Sorry, but I messed up on a few things before and it was a prerelease).
I fixed the makefile so it didn't staticly call aclocal-1.7 and
automake-1.7, and I fixed the casing of the namespace and updated a few
things in the sample. I have to add code to allow it to disconnect
destruction of the textview. You can do it on your own by saving the
variable for the SpellCheck object or calling the function to return the
instance of SpellCheck attached and call detach manually. I should have
a fix for that soon. :-)

If you have any patches, email the list and I will apply them (since I'm
maintaining a version since its sort of beta right now) unless its a new
sample then if you have SVN access then feel free to add it the sample
directory (don't forget to update the Makefile, hehe). You can also tell
me any issues in #mono on irc.gimp.org if you catch me (user zbowling).
Later when its stable, we can pretty much go by house rules. 

If anyone is interested I'll start making a wrapper for libgnomeprint
(not libgnomeprintUI). libgnomeprint works on Windows on Linux but
libgnomeprintUI doesn't (bonobo/orbit dependencies). We can also work on
a C# replacement in then SVN for the printing dialogs. I only want to do
that one if I find interest because right now I'm using it side my app
and I'm to lazy to rip it out without interest. Its really nice for
cross platform printing. :-)

Anyways, have fun! 


On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 11:54 -0300, Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> Can I or someone of a higher cast, create a gtkspell-sharp module in
> the SVN repo to house it? From there we can help to fix the few issues
> Zac hints about...
> Also Zac, can you list specifically what the issues are?
> :)
> On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 22:57:51 +0100, Martin Willemoes Hansen
> <mwh at sysrq.dk> wrote:
> > ons, 23 03 2005 kl. 15:17 -0600, skrev Zac Bowling:
> > > If anyone has seen gaim or tomboy knows about GtkSpell. It basically
> > > creates the Word, or Evolution type marks on your misspelled words, and
> > > with a quick right mouse click you can fix your mistake. It only takes
> > > one line of code and you have spell check on any of your TextViews :-)
> > >
> > > http://www.polystimulus.com/gtkspell-sharp.tar.bz2
> > 
> > Cool, it would probably be nice to have in gnome or mono cvs.
> > 
> > Happy hacking!
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> > Martin Willemoes Hansen
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