[Mono-devel-list] Problem in compiling Class library in Windows while using SecurityPermissionAttr

vasantha selvi vasanthp_2000 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 23 08:23:48 EST 2005

I was compiling the corlib using Microsoft .Net csc compiler. I tried ur 
suggestion too but I got a differenct side effect.
I set environmental variable  __SECURITY_BOOTSTRAP_DB  to my top dir, I was 
able to compile corlib successfully but while compiling mono.security.dll. 
My ide itself got closed and I got some kind Internal compile error saying 
"error CS0587: Internal Compiler Error: stage 'BEGIN' while compiling other 
assemblies like mono.data.tds. Setting __SECURITY_BOOTSTRAP_DB   only helps 
to build corlib but spoil building other libraries.Am I missing anything?

>From: Sébastien Pouliot <spouliot at videotron.ca>
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>To: vasantha selvi 
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>Subject: RE: [Mono-devel-list] Problem in compiling Class library in 
>Windows while using SecurityPermissionAttr
>Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:24:16 -0500
> > I tried compiling Class library in Windows but I was not able to
> > compile the
> > class library completely unless I remove
> > SecurityPermissionAttribute.cs file
> > and all the usage of Security permission attribute is commented out.
>Hmmm... my guess is that by Windows you mean Microsoft's CSC under Windows
>(and not Mono's MCS) right ?
> > I am getting compiler error " Assembly generation failed-security custom
> > attributes cannot be referenced from defining assembly"
> > Currenlty security permission attribute and environment
> > permission attribute
> > are extensively used inside class library and everything
> > Is needed to be commented out to have complete build for the
> > class library.
> >  
> > The same problem I found in case of older version of class
> > library also.
>Yes that's an old "problem".
> > Why this problem is not yet fixed ?
>It was.
> > It would be really helpful to know the
> > reason and solution to avoid the build errors.
>Well when/if you get a problem when building anything Mono related in
>[insert your current setup] way (i.e. not using the Makefile supplied in
>Mono) then you should take the time to read them. Like Hari said: "RTFM,
>read the fine makefile, that is :-)"
>In this case you'll see that CSC 7.x (fx 1.x) requires something special to
>compile mscorlib (note: this problem disappeared with CSC 8.x as the
>security attributes are now encoded differently). You can see this in
>/mcs/class/corlib/Makefile in the fourth line.
>export __SECURITY_BOOTSTRAP_DB$=(topdir)/class/corlib
>P.S. Look at the mailing-list archives if you want to know the "why".
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