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Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists at
Mon Mar 21 17:12:25 EST 2005

Aleksandar Dezelin wrote:
> I want to ask you this:
> I have MSSQL server database table with uniqueidentifier filed types,
> I want to move my application from MSSQL to PostgreSQL. As you
> probably know, PostgreSQL doesn't support uniqueidentifiers. Does
> AdpSqlClient transform C# Guid data type to string or some other
> PostgreSQL db type automaticly?

I use BYTEA as the storage type in Postgre, for parameterized queries,
you can use myGuid.ToByteArray() for the inserts... and
myGuid = new Guid((byte[])DataTable.Rows[i]["myGuid"]);
for reading it back out...

If you need encoding for non-parameterized queries, let me know, I have a 
little utility class that I put encoding Guid to octets string for Postgre
into.. :)  was thinking on contacting the Npgsql maintainer on this, so
that it could be supported via the Npgsql interface, to just pass a Guid
to the BYTEA type, and have it do the ToByteArray() internally.

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