[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] AMD64 Fast TLS; AMD64 COF; AMD64 Inline UnboxTramp; AMD64 mov instead of push for virt. m.

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Mon Mar 21 12:39:28 EST 2005

Zoltan Varga schrieb:
>                                               Hi,
>  Some comments about the patch:
> - The TLS stuff is ok and it can be checked in.

I'll see if I can separate things..

> - I think the patch should follow the existing mono coding conventions, ie.
>   no pascal-casing, space before and after /* */, before-and after
> operators etc.

Yes, I know that the identifiers are not really C like. (Somehow I thought I 
should follow the C# coding convention.) Of course I'll rework all identifiers 
that are used in mini.c/mini-amd64.c (etc.) before checking in. The other files 
(in the mini/contopt dir) I think can be converted 'on demand', tough 
-personally- I would like to see them not to be changed too much..

> I'll try to review the more important parts of the patch just haven't
> got the time to
> do it yet. Also, Paolo needs to review it too before a patch this big
> can be checked
> in.

No problem. I'm currently doing the paper work here, so I've got plenty to do..

BTW: I just realized that I added all my 'custom backend' files too; Of course 
these files (ma64*) are NOT needed and won't be checked in.


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