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Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes alexandremarcondes at psl-pr.softwarelivre.org
Sun Mar 20 14:59:10 EST 2005

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:12:56 +0100
Philipp Haller <hallerp at gmail.com> wrote:

> So here it goes...
> A colleague at the research center where I work as a grad student has
> worked the past 1-2 years on a Object Pascal front end (parser +
> semantic analyzer) for a re-engineering tool. He has been using the
> ANTLR parser generator (www.antlr.org) which generates recursive
> descent parsers and has also a very good scanner generator, so you can
> easily deal with the ".." in (array) ranges and other things that
> might be more complicated in other parser generators. ANTLR also
> supports syntactical and predicated look-ahead which makes it possible
> to specify a grammar that is strictly seen no LL(k) grammar. My
> colleague has been implementing in Java but ANTLR can also generate
> parsers in C#, so his grammar spec file should be almost completely
> reusable for a C# implementation.
> Although I have access to our (internal) CVS repository I need to make
> sure it is open source, first.

	Have you asked your colleague if we could use his/her code on our Pascal Compiler code (I think the name should be discussed here on the list)?
	If this code could be used, could we make a fork on his cvs server or should we try to use another server.
	If you didn't ask, could you do us this favor?
> As I have some experience in writing parser generators with ANTLR I
> can only recommend it, there is almost no loss in flexibility compared
> to a hand-written recursive descent parser. I even used ANTLR to
> manually call (!) selected productions in the generated parser! ANTLR
> also supports building abstract syntax trees (similar to JJTree of
> JavaCC) but I haven't tried that, yet.

	If you asked, and we cannot use, would you like to help us with ANTLR? I think it is a good alternative and I am willing to start the development of this long waited (at least for me) compiler.

	Thank you Phillip for your interest and help.

   Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes (P4Tecnologia)
	MonoBrasil MonoBASIC DelphiNeroAPI DelphiProcess
	"Automação Comercial Brasil" "Turbo Power Abbrevia"
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