[Mono-devel-list] Compiler thoughts, 2

Jb Evain mono at evain.net
Wed Mar 16 06:32:39 EST 2005

Hey there,

There is a big loss of efforts in maintening multiple compilers. gmcs, 
bmcs, jscript.net, etc. Can we not imagine some kind of library that 
would be the kernel for each Mono compiler ? In my mind, this library 
would rely on the Cecil library to emit assemblies. There is a plan to 
write optimizers for CIL stream using Cecil. So we could have one code 
base, producing optimized CIL stream, (ie like the C++/CLI does), that 
compiler writer could use easily.

We can go even further, I think about the lexing/parsing, I would love 
to write a fully object oriented lexer/parser. The compiler writer could 
feed the library, telling it what are the primitives of its language, 
and giving it its implementation of statements, using a pure object 
model. This would obviously be slowler than a jay approach, but this 
could simply lots of things.

What do you think about that ?


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