[Mono-devel-list] Re: Pascal compiler?

Robert Wittams robert at wittams.com
Sun Mar 13 12:43:12 EST 2005

Willibald Krenn wrote:
> Hi!
> Would there be interest in adding a Delphi compatible compiler to Mono?
> Somehow I'd like to see support for my pet language.. :-)
> Any thoughts?
>   Willi

John Gough's "Compiling for the .Net Common Language Runtime (CLR)" 
(ISBN 0-13-062296-6) uses a Pascal language for its implementation 
examples. ( The book is pretty biased towards strongly typed imperative 

Here is the download page for the compiler ( it compiles to JVM bytecode 
too and is self hosting IIRC): 

The licence looks like BSD to me.

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