[Mono-devel-list] Pascal compiler?

David Champion david at flightline.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 06:24:07 EST 2005

Willibald Krenn wrote:

> Hi!
> Would there be interest in adding a Delphi compatible compiler to Mono?
> Somehow I'd like to see support for my pet language.. :-)
> Any thoughts?
>   Willi
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I would been interested in helping out with a pascal compiler.
But I would be very slow to begin with having never worked on any
open source projects before.
I do have a recursive descent compiler and runtine for a very simple
pascal-like script language.  Hence my interest.
Although I think you have already moved away from a
recursive descent implementation.

You're other intention is to make the language  compatible with
Chrome has some interesting additions to Object Pascal.
For example, additional language support for threaded methods.
It would be interesting to move Pascal on a bit  as a language without
losing Delphi backward compatability.

Commercially,. I see no reason why Borland would not eventually
release a version of Delphi that targets Mono.  Probably  by  the 
Delphi2007 IDE .
(4th Qtr Year 2006)
Although their original roadmap did talk about revisiting Linux this year.

But I agree with the point made that an open source compiler would be
desirable along side other commercial  offerings.

So count me in as a tester for now.



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