[Mono-devel-list] Pascal compiler?

Jambunathan K kjambunathan.devel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 23:10:47 EST 2005

Mr. Willibald

Upload you source code to svn under some Open Source licence and you
will see patches flowing in (if you are patient enough).

Otherwise I am forced to interpret your calls for co-operation as a
vicious intention to "hiring" some Mono developers to work for you.
alt.jobs.offered would be the right place for you not the mono lists.

I am recommending a dose of "The Cathedral and Bazaar" if you are too
overwhelmed and confused about what Open Source is all about.

Jambunathan K.

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 04:38:38 +0100, marc hoffman <mh at elitedev.com> wrote:
> Willibald,
> > But you have the command line preview...
> Yes.
> > Why is it not in
> > mono cvs, if it's the standard Pascal compiler? Everything's
> > there, except some Pascal compiler.
> Why would it be in the Mono cvs? Chrome is a closed-source commercial
> product, it's not open source. I made that clear in my original post.
> > Hmm, before starting coding a new compiler I want to hear
> > what Miguel says about all this. If it's true that Novell
> > already chose Chrome to be the standard Pascal compiler and
> > does support it with internal resources,
> Please do not read more into my words then i said.
> > I think a new
> > compiler will be superfluent and will never have the official
> > blessing of Novell.
> Letting alone any Open Source vs. Commercial debate, i think that in
> general it's superfluous if 35 different groups reinvent the wheel
> simultaneously, just for the sake of "doing it themselves". I honestly
> believe that Chrome will bring a lot to the table for Mono Pascal
> developers, and there's a lot to be gained by working together rather
> then against or parallel each other, duplicating the effort.
> As i said before we're open for input, feedback and assistance with
> Chrome on /many/ levels, not necessarily restricted to pure testing and
> feedback, and i'd be very interested in getting people involved in
> actual coding tasks related to the project (although, one month before
> release of our 1.0 version it's doubtful that it would make sense to
> have someone new come in and - say - rewrite the core parser ;-).
> Stuff that needs work (and would directly benefit Mono in particular)
> are things like integration with MonoDevelop (which we have planned but
> currently don't have resources to spare on, as we do have a very small
> team working on Chrome), which should be a very fun project for one or
> two people that want to get involved with both Chrome and Mono (we've
> got quite a bit architecture in place already from our VS integration
> that could be leveraged, so this wouldn't be to extensive a project
> either).
> Also interesting to do would be testing and prepping the compiler under
> the "more exotic" platforms supported by mono (which, to me means
> non-x86-Windows/Linux <g>)
> > Honestly, this is really bad news, as mono will have some
> > open source VB and C# (maybe sometimes C) compiler, but a
> > closed source Pascal one.
> "Commercial" doesn't necessarily mean "bad". We're very dedicated to
> Chrome, and i can promise you right here and now that Chrome will not
> ever be a Kylix. I can also promise you that if for whatever reason
> RemObjects would decide to discontinue Chrome (which i cannot anticipate
> happening), chances are good that we would make it available on some
> open source basis to ensure it continues to live (given there's
> community interest). Not, as i said, that is see this happening; our
> commitment to Chrome is very firm.
> > I'm a burned child with closed
> > source Pascal compilers on Linux, so please forgive me that
> > I'm somewhat skeptical about yours.
> I understand that very well. But again we are not Borland, and Chrome is
> not Kylix.
> > Additionally you do not
> > seem to have any use for us other than forgetting about the
> > open source Delphi compiler and supporting your closed source
> > one without getting anything (some fun part - whatever) back.
> See my comment on that above. I don't think this is true, as we'd be
> very happy to get people involved with the project with tasks that are
> "fun" and go beyond testing and feedbacking (though they'd necessarily
> /start/ with that)
> > Basically this would be another situation as the
> > Borland->Kylix 'community' is in now. A dead end:
> There's no such thing as 100% certainty, surely not in this industry and
> not anywhere else in life. That said, i can guarantee you with 99%
> certainty that this is /not/ going to happen with Chrome.
> > And no one told the mono
> > community about it - or did you post any Chrome news on this
> > list over the last few months? I can not remember a single
> > post. If mono is that important for you, I guess you should
> > have -
> See Todd's reply: we certainly have. Looking back thru my inbox, i
> actually do see /you/ participating in discussion about Chrome, a
> several months back ;-)
> Let me close by saying that i think and hope that there's room here for
> open source (Mono) and commercial (Chrome) software to co-exist and
> support each other for mutual benefit - rather then working against each
> other.
> It's not my place to judge the use of anyone's personal time, but given
> the fact that we all have a limited amount of it, it would seem to me
> it's much better spend working together rather then rewriting things yet
> again, just for the sake of it.
> But that's just MHO.
> marc hoffman
> Chief Architect, .NET
> RemObjects Software
> http://www.chromesville.com
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