[Mono-devel-list] Pascal compiler?

Grant Hess granthes at localaccess.com
Mon Mar 14 22:59:47 EST 2005

Francisco T. Martinez wrote:

> I think that it can only go further down from here!
> Frankly folks, I see the beauty of an Open Source compiler for managed 
> Pascal.  However, I fail to see how is that adversarial with the folks 
> form RemObjects.  There is plenty of room for all alternatives.
Please see the previous post from the RemObjects individual.  Those of 
us discussing this situation have not said a thing about preventing this 
Chrome compiler from being used.

I have stated my personal disinterest in using such a closed source 

On the flip side, Mr. Hoffman from RemObjects has repeatedly stated that 
we are wasting time and effort.  That we should NOT be working on an 
open source compiler.

Somehow the fact that a commercial software company is telling me what I 
can and cannot do with my time just seems wrong.  That is why I won't 
use a commercial product if a viable open source alternative is available.

> Miguel de Icaza's opinion on this subject -- should he decide to voice 
> it -- is important, but what you do on your own time is your choice.  
> After all, Mono itself is a shining example of doing an Open Source 
> implementation and/or variation on a commercial endeavor that has 
> "shared source", open source, but that is mostly closed source, 
> Microsoft .NET Framework.
Again I agree.  I have a PERSONAL aversion to commercial software.  I am 
attracted to the Mono project because of its open nature. 
Unfortunately, it feels to me like Mr. Hoffman has an aversion to open 
source software.

I'm probably not saying this clearly and I don't intend to insult or 
demean anyone.

I don't have any reason to preach open source verses commercial to 
anyone else, and I won't.  But I will do what I must to keep my personal 
options open.

> I invite all to respect one another and improve the general state of 
> this great community effort.
Absolutely.  Lets respect each other here.  Mr Hoffman can go ahead and 
produce a commercial software product and I wish him every success.  I 
hope that he can step up and do the same for those of us who are trying 
to work on this project -- not keep trying to dissuade and obstruct us.

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