[Mono-devel-list] Pascal compiler?

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Mon Mar 14 21:08:17 EST 2005


>>I did not know that Chrome is so closely bundeled with Mono - 
>>but OTOH why doesn't mono ship with Chrome 
> For one thing, Chrome isn't released, just yet ;).

But you have the command line preview... Why is it not in mono cvs, if it's the 
standard Pascal compiler? Everything's there, except some Pascal compiler.

>>if it is 
>>considered to be the standard object pascal compiler for 
>>Mono? Or did I miss something here? Is there/Will there be a 
>>Chrome mode available in MonoDelevelop?
> Chrome support for SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop in planned, yes.

Hmm, before starting coding a new compiler I want to hear what Miguel says about 
all this. If it's true that Novell already chose Chrome to be the standard 
Pascal compiler and does support it with internal resources, I think a new 
compiler will be superfluent and will never have the official blessing of Novell.

Honestly, this is really bad news, as mono will have some open source VB and C# 
(maybe sometimes C) compiler, but a closed source Pascal one. I'm a burned child 
with closed source Pascal compilers on Linux, so please forgive me that I'm 
somewhat sceptical about yours. Additionally you do not seem to have any use for 
us other than forgetting about the open source Delphi compiler and supporting 
your closed source one without getting anything (some fun part - whatever) back. 
Basically this would be another situation as the Borland->Kylix 'community' is 
in now. A dead end: We'd have to take what you deliver and could not even fix 
bugs in the compiler ourselves!

In short, I'm still willing to take the task of doing some open source 
Delphi/Chrome/whatever compiler, but only if we have backing of Miguel. 
Otherwise this would be wasted time, as it seems that 'alia iacta erat' long 
before in the past. And no one told the mono community about it - or did you 
post any Chrome news on this list over the last few months? I can not remember a 
single post. If mono is that important for you, I guess you should have - not 
everyone on this list knows all the things Miguel knows or has decided..


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