[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] Ignore secrutiy attributes in mono-api-diff.cs

Sebastien Pouliot sebastien at ximian.com
Thu Mar 10 08:37:16 EST 2005


Since Oct CTP the 2.0 framework returns security attributes when a call
to GetCustomAttributes is made.

While this is nice as there was no managed API in 1.0/1.1 to get the
declarative security attributes (and I must say so since I suggested the
feature to MSDN feedback ;-) they do not belong in our class library
status page for several reasons.

* the data is incomplete
        mono-api-info only works for public type so it shows only a part
        the security attributes;

* the data may need to be different

        e.g. EnvironmentPermission may have differences because
        variables are named differently (so we need to include both
        Windows and Linux versions)
* performance
        We favors the use of imperative security over declarative
        security. It's faster for Mono (which isn't always true for MS);

So the results is that Mono won't ever match, from a syntax point of
view, the declarative security attributes inside MS assembly. The
attached patch simply ignores attributes that inherit from

Hopefully we'll match them from a functional POV over time. The tool
permview.exe can be used to extract and compare them if/when required.

Comments ?
Sebastien Pouliot  <sebastien at ximian.com>
blog: http://pages.infinit.net/ctech/poupou.html
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