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To read Access files, you can see if mdb-tools is alive, and install
it in gda to use with our OledbClient ADO.NET provider, that uses
gda(libgda). I strongly recommend you to move your data to some real
database, or at least a non-proprietary file-format (Access .mdb is
just a proprietary [undocumented] file format). In addition, such
files in a Linux machine may be confused with mono debug-symbol files
that also use that file extension (regrettably, IMHO).


On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 03:54:28 -0800 (PST), pampa sadhukhan
<pampas122001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>          I am new to this developer list. I have done
> something using mono. I have developed a web Service
> using C# language in Dot Net platform that invokes
> matlab and executes decesion support tool(actually it
> does power system optimization) that is developed in
> matlab , and then gets back the result from matlab. I
> have developed an asp.net web page that connects to MS
> access database and reads data from three tables in MS
> access, displays all the data in datagrid ,and creates
> three jagged array reading data from these tables in
> database, which it actually sends to Web service and
> Service sends back the result(that is the optimized
> result)to client.I have developed both of these in
> Visual Studio.Net and deployed on IIS web server. I
> can develope the web service in Linux and deploy it on
>  xsp web server in linux , but the decesion support
> tool,already developed in matlab, is calling methods
> from a dll .So it will not run in Linux . For that
> reason I have not tried to deploy the web service in
> linux. I have developed an asp.net Web page (in C#
> language) that reads data from three text files (Here
> each text file corresponds to a data table in MS
> access) and deployed on xsp Web  Server in Linux and
> it displays all the data in datagrid and then creates
> three jagged arrays reading from text files ,send the
> array to the Web Service deployed on IIS and getbacks
> the result that it displays on listboxes. Now if I try
> to connects to MS access database from C# program in
> linux i am facing problem .Please give me advice .At
> the end I want to say that it is much more easier to
> develope web service        using mono in linux or
> VS.net in Windows than java Web Service using Java Web
> Service Developer pack. One limitation of java Web
> Service is that if Client program try to send some
> multi dimensional array to web service it can
> not,instead it need to transform multidimensional
> array into one dimensional,because SOAP does not
> support multidimensional array and it support jagged
> array. Since C# support jagged array ,so  client can
> send any multidimensional array through jagged array
> to Web Service in C# and get back the same through
> jagged array.
>                        Pampa Sadhukhan
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