[Mono-devel-list] TDS Charset translation question

Aleksandar Dezelin dezelin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 07:18:33 EST 2005

I'm doing some bug fixing in Mono's Tds protocol implementation
regarding string encodings so I have a question regarding i18n support
in Mono: the following sybase (tds) charset aliases needs their
counterparts in Mono, what charsets should I put in alias table
instead of these ones?

"koi8",	        "koi8-r",
"roman8",    "hp-roman8",
"sjis",		 "JIS_Encoding",
"tis620",      "tis-620"

The full TDS alias table can be found on the following location:

Please help!

P.S. There's no string encoding support in Mono's TDS implementation.
(Actually exists but it's badly broken!)

Aleksandar Dezelin

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