[Mono-devel-list] Error compiling MCS from svn on Windows

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Fri Mar 4 21:34:46 EST 2005


Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, I still can not compile mcs.  Any 
other ideas?

I am trying to compile a fresh check out of mcs from svn trunk HEAD on 
Cygwin.  I have Windows XP SP2 (with latest fixes).
Mono 1.1.4 using Paco's Installer.
ms.net 1.0, ms.net 1.1, but i have only 1.1 in my PATH.  Of course, Mono 
1.1.4 comes frist before .net 1.1 in my PATH..
For ms .net 1.0 and ms.net 1.1, i have the latest service packs.

I also have ms office xp pro is installed.  ms Office products have been 
known in the past to cause problems with other things on the system. 

> One of them below "might" solve the situation:
>     - try removing *.pdb debug symbols from everywhere related
>       in mcs/class (mcs/class/lib/default/ etc).
>     - try "make clean" in mcs
>     - try make under mcs, instead of make under mono
> If the problem was not still solved, you can workaround by doing
> "make MCS=mcs" in mcs.

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