spam: suspected: Re: [Mono-devel-list] patch for nunit support for xmlconf

Andrew Skiba andrews at
Sun Jun 26 09:44:36 EDT 2005

Atsushi Eno wrote:
 > (Also note that you are saying "I gave you full Sunday for patch
 > review" which is kinda zero day attack :-S)

Can't stop laughing. "Zero day attack" sounds good.

I thought, I have your permission to commit to the W3C directory without 
review. And then, I did not say I will commit tomorrow morning, so 
tomorrow people will have time to review.

> You need more explanation. No one would understand what
> "add nunit support" exactly does.

It does exactly that - nunit support. You can see in the makefile there 
is a new target - run-nunit-test. This target runs nunit-console with 
this testsuite, and the results are stored in TestResults.xml and 

I made some trick to make minimal changes in existing code. Instead of 
running test from nunit, I kept the existing code that runs the test. 
Later instead of reporting results, it remembers them by creating 
PredefinedTest object with already known outcome of the test, and when 
nunit calls Run, it makes Success or Failure according to the result 
already stored in _res field. I thought the code is self-explaining, but 
if it's not so, I will explain more.


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