[Mono-devel-list] patch for nunit support for xmlconf

RafaelMizrahi rafim at mainsoft.com
Sun Jun 26 09:33:26 EDT 2005

Hi Eno,
* We (Rafi and Andrew) have added NUnit "Suite" integration to the xmlconf
stand_alone xmlconf suite. http://www.nunit.org/suite.html
The integration dynamically adds tests into a NUnit suite.

* This NUnit feature is excellent for such case, that you have a single
"test" with allot of inputs. 

* The web test suite that I sent Gonzalo, is using the same NUnit
* and I hope that we will use that in all of the stand_alone test suites.


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Andrew Skiba wrote:
> Hello.
> Please review the applied patch, if noone objects, I will apply it 
> tomorrow.

You need more explanation. No one would understand what
"add nunit support" exactly does.

If it is kind of thing that reports "failure" in case of fixed
bugs (saying "remove A,B,C from list), it will be soon easily
set as [Ignore] (of course am writing it only with imagination
because there is no description).

(Also note that you are saying "I gave you full Sunday for patch
review" which is kinda zero day attack :-S)

Atsushi Eno
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