[Mono-devel-list] cygmono-1.dll and cygMonoPosixHelper.dll

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 20 05:58:20 EDT 2005

>That's because of Mono's misuse of autoconf.  IIRC, The GNU build system
>already has a way to express that we don't want to link against
>cywin.dll: that's to cross-compile to mingw.
>I can't fix it since I don't have the knowledge to fix it, nor the
>patience to gain the knowledge on Windows.

But please belive me Mono is not using cygwin1.dll and the compiled binaries
(that can be compiled using Cygwin or installed using the installer
available on Mono downloads page) are not dependent on Cygwin or any other
runtime environments. You can use them just out of the box. And note that
this is not because the installer comes with Cygwin.:) It's because Mono is
not dependent on Cygwin. Cygwin is required because it has all the build
tools that are required to compile Mono. I don't know whether Mono can be
build on MinGW but I think it's exaclty the same from the point of view of
someone who compiles Mono whether to install Cygwin or MinGW in order to be
able to compile Mono as long as the result is not dependent on any of them
(this is the current case.)

My only problem that I want to fix is that altough cygmono-1.dll and
cygMonoPosixHelper.dll are not dependent on Cygwin anyway the have the
prefix 'cyg' and I think it's annoying and that's why the Win32 installer
for Mono contains the same binaries (their inside is the same) as mono-1.dll
and MonoPosixHelper.dll. These files are built by modifying the libtool file
to produce output with different name.

I want to do the same but as this prefix is originating from the generated
aclocal.m4 I want to modify aclocal.m4 just after it's created. This will
make it appear correctly in the source distribution as well.

So I don't think that if I remove 'cyg' prefix then the DLLs will not be
dependent on Cygwin but I know they are not dependent on Cygwin and thus I
want to use normal Win32 DLL naming conventions without the 'cyg' prefix.
And this can be done in the easiest way by modifying autogen.sh. Altough the
prefix is originating from "/usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4" it cannot be
modified because it's part of Cygwin or the OS and furthermore the use may
want to use 'cyg' prefix with other binaries compiled under Cygwin.


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