[Mono-devel-list] cygmono-1.dll and cygMonoPosixHelper.dll

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Mon Jun 20 05:38:24 EDT 2005


Kornél Pál <kornelpal at hotmail.com> writes:

>>From: Raja R Harinath
>>>>I don't know much about the Windows world, but IIRC, you have to say
>>>>you're targetting 'mingw' rather than 'cygwin'.  You'll then get
>>>>libmono-1.dll and libMonoPosixHelper.dll -- I don't think you can escape
>>>>the lib prefix either, but it's at least bearable.
>>> I have never tried to compile Mono under mingw and and I don't know
>>> whether
>>> it can be compiled under mingw. But I don't want to compile it under
>>> mingw
>>> so I don't care.:)
>>I wasn't suggesting that you build _under_ mingw.  I was suggesting that
>>you build _for_ mingw, since that's (almost) what we intend: we don't want
>>to depend on cygwin libraries.
> I don't know what exactly you want to suggest. 

Ah, you don't grok autoconf then :-)

> I build Mono on Windows under Cygwin (I think just as anyone
> else). The build system uses "-nno-cygwin" so the resulting binaries
> are not dependent on Cygwin.
> But the problem is that even those libraries built with "-nno-cygwin" will
> the the 'cyg' prefix and I don't like it because it suggests that they
> require Cygwing but in fact not. And thats why I proposed the patch.

That's because of Mono's misuse of autoconf.  IIRC, The GNU build system
already has a way to express that we don't want to link against
cywin.dll: that's to cross-compile to mingw.

I can't fix it since I don't have the knowledge to fix it, nor the
patience to gain the knowledge on Windows.

- Hari

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