[Fwd: Re: Spam: Re: [Mono-devel-list] minor xslttest makefile patch]

Andrew Skiba andrews at mainsoft.com
Mon Jun 6 09:21:05 EDT 2005

Atsushi Eno wrote:
>  > Output_HtmlOutputWithAmpersandCurlyBracket
>  > Output_HtmlWithTwoAdjacentEscapedAmpersands
> There seems a bug maybe on determining output method, or just a
> bug in HTML outputter (I doubt former one).

I analyzed the .net behavior. When the output method is html, we don't
print the value of attributes "selected" "checked", and so on.

.net omits the value ONLY when the attribute value equals the attribute
name (and it usually does). In these testcases they have different
values, so they should be printed even with html outputter.

I think the old GH code printed them always, so by occasion it matched
.net behavior.


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