[Mono-devel-list] GraphicsPath.AddString

Hugo Ferreira bytter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 06:50:51 EDT 2005

Heya there,

I'm trying to port a web application I've made with the Microsoft .Net 
Framework 1.1 to Mono, so I can get rid of Windows Server 2003 and IIS, and 
get it running on Linux. If you guys are interested, the application is 
publicly available at this url http://mapas.clix.pt/. It's basically a 
dynamic generator of map files for Portugal, which also allows searching for 
points of interest and calculating routes.

Anyway... Things in Mono are working 100% ok, except for the 
GraphicsPath.AddString() that is not implemented (throwing a 
NotImplementedException). In the Class Status Page it says that this method 
is 83% implemented, but in the SVN trunk, all that it has is a throw 
exception. So, here are my questions:

a) I need AddString() in order to bend text so it can follow a path inside 
streets. Any other idea of doing the same effect with available resources in 
Mono? I don't mind the solution being Linux specific (like using Cairo).
b) How complex will it be to implement this method? Doesn't it use 
libgdiplus? Is there any chance of getting it done soon?
c) If my only chance is doing it by myself, is there anyone that can give me 
some tips to get starting?

Thanks in advance,

Hugo Ferreira

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