[Mono-devel-list] Re: development of monodevelop: why? :P

Todd Berman tberman at off.net
Wed Jul 13 15:55:03 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 22:17 +0300, KCorax wrote:
> I believe that java is friendly to us because of ikvm's existance.
> Eclipse is based on java therefore it could be hosted over mono
> runtime. On the other hand I understand that for the makers of mono
> its good to have an ide written in c#.
> btw: monodevelop is far better than improve's eclipse plugin.
> Now we *are* getting off-topic. Non important answers should be sent
> to me and I shall set a local forward to those who have displayed
> interest in this.

OOC, why is this conversation not on the monodevelop-list, where emails
pertaining to MonoDevelop should be?

I would be happy to answer and discuss these questions and issues with
people, but only on the appropriate list.

So, to anyone who sent an email to this thread, and would like some form
of answer, please repost your questions to the monodevelop-list.


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