[Mono-devel-list] GSS-API Java Bindings interface in C#

Boris Kirzner borisk at mainsoft.com
Wed Jul 13 08:12:57 EDT 2005

Hello all,

Recently I've noticed this old post on Faqs.org 
(http://www.faqs.org/qa/rfcc-827.html) regarding the implementation of 
GSS-API in C#.

We're planning to implement authentication and encryption for 
Grasshopper using Java GSS-API, but the existence of the same interfaces 
in Mono will allow us to
have much more common code and, probably, will allow implementing the 
same functionality in mono without significant additional efforts.

Does anybody knows where can I get a snip of the code he is talking 
about? Is it located somewhere in the mono svn repository?

Thank you in advance,

Boris Kirzner
Mono R&D team
Mainsoft Corporation

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