[Mono-devel-list] Mono-Folks in Germany wanted

Jan Waiz hamburg at icomedv.de
Wed Jul 6 07:31:02 EDT 2005

Hi Folks,


i am a poor Developer who is trying to run an ASP.NET-Application (thats
works well under VS 2003) under Mono.


Of course: The Problem is still in Front of the Keyboard :-) I am sure, that
the Mono-Stuff will work fine – if the poor man know how :-) Problem is,
that there isn´t good actual Literatur about Mono and the only Community
i´ve found is this Mailinglist (what is better than nothing). After
installing Mono for Windows 1.1.8 and saw the tons of Files and Directorys
that was installed i am frustrated, because I did not found any
Documentation that helps me to understand all that (may be) helpful, usefull
und powerfull Stuff on my Harddisk :-)


Are there any Folks outside, working with ASP.NET / Mono and/or other
C#-Stuff and want to have Contact to other Developers who will have the same
Goal and/or Problems ? May be, we can build an German Mono-Usergroup to help
eachother and learn more about this wonderfull Linux/Mono-World.


If so, contact me – otherwise i am playing Hangman with my Secretary :-)


Jan Waiz

I-Com Project GmbH

Sülldorfer Knick 81e

22589 Hamburg


Phone: 0049-40-56060630

Mobil: 0049-172-4333833

Email: jwaiz at icomedv.de


Hope, that there are any Folks, that will have Interest!



Jan Waiz


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