[Mono-devel-list] Microsoft.Web.Services2 on Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Jan 27 01:51:40 EST 2005


> Based on what I have heard and what I understand, the API is not
> stable between anything other than service-pack versioning.
> WSE is the test bed and toolkit for early adopters of web services
> with various WS-* protocols. WSE 3 will probably have a closer API to
> WSE 2 than 2 did to 1, just because the specifications themselves are
> solidifying. But the stable API is meant to be Indigo - my
> understanding is that no WSE major releases are planned after Indigo
> v1.
> Now with Indigo being unstable, WSE is a better target for providing
> support for these web services adopters within the mono environment. I
> am hopeful that a fair bit of logic within a WSE implementation would
> be applicable to an Indigo/MessageBus implementation as well.

Yup, that is my understanding as well.

If there is enough interest, we can certainly assist people that would
like to implement WSE to make it happen, but at this point nobody in the
current Mono team is working on it.

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