[Mono-devel-list] Microsoft.Web.Services2 on Mono

David Waite dwaite at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 20:51:03 EST 2005

Based on what I have heard and what I understand, the API is not
stable between anything other than service-pack versioning.

WSE is the test bed and toolkit for early adopters of web services
with various WS-* protocols. WSE 3 will probably have a closer API to
WSE 2 than 2 did to 1, just because the specifications themselves are
solidifying. But the stable API is meant to be Indigo - my
understanding is that no WSE major releases are planned after Indigo

Now with Indigo being unstable, WSE is a better target for providing
support for these web services adopters within the mono environment. I
am hopeful that a fair bit of logic within a WSE implementation would
be applicable to an Indigo/MessageBus implementation as well.

-David Waite

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:04:36 -0500, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at ximian.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> > Wondering if anyone has even tried this... I have a project using it and
> > thought I would try it out but I get the error below:
> We do not have a complete implementation of this at this point.
> There has not been a lot of demand so far, plus there is a bit of
> skepticism about whether the API is stable.
> miguel
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