[Mono-devel-list] Analyzing Subversion logs

Paolo Marini lists at paolomarini.it
Wed Jan 12 09:20:14 EST 2005

Hi there,
Sorry for bothering you with this questions but I am working on my degree
thesis which deals with Subversion repositories analysis. Now I am tyring to
analyse the mono project to extract some information but I have found that
an important number of commits appear really close each other.
For example, it happened more than 150 times that "miguel" performed a
commit less than 10 seconds after his previous commit. I am trying to
understand if this can be caused (when the repository was CVS), by problems
during the commits (i.e. network problems). I suppose that it could happen
that when you try to perform a commit using an IDE plugin or some evolved
tool instead of the command line, and a problem occours, the tool tries to
complete the commit automatically generating, indeed, a new commit on CVS.
This should not happen in the Subversion era.
I had been told that the migration form CVS to Subversion happened the
11/11/2004 so I filtered the log to exclude CVS generated log entries.
Unfortunately this did not result in "strange" commits been excluded.

At this point my questions are:
 - how can happen that an author performs two commits within a few seconds?
(There are even commits only 1 second distant each other).
 - how do you usually perform a commit? Do you use the command line?
RapidSVN? TortoiseSVN? Do this tools fragment a single commit into more
commits? Why?


Paolo Marini

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