[Mono-devel-list] VM differences with java

Peter Gerdes logicnazi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 14:51:45 EST 2005

I apoligize if this is a silly quesiton but I have been thinking of
getting involved in the low level code generation algorithms for
awhile and have been reading the papers describing the BURS system and
other relevant low level optimizations.  However, I have a few
questions that I was hoping someone might answer.

1)  Is there any reason not to have the JIT compiler cache the native
code snippets/SSA tree after being run and then reload them if

2) Does anyone have any advice on what are the best papers to read on
the code generation system.  I have been plowing through several BURS
related papers but figured some advice from people who know might be

3) Did any of the dynamic/profiling  optimizations ever make it into
the code generation?

Finally, out of curiosity since the CIL instruction set seems so
similar to the JVM bytecodes what was the motivation to write your own
full JIT system rather than expanding an existing JVM or even
translating CIL instructions to java bytecodes?  Since you now seem to
be faster than any opensource JVM implementation it is all irrelevant
now but I'm just curious if there was any particular reason which
would have made this impractical.


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