[Mono-devel-list] Borland Delphi 2005 Suport

David Champion david at flightline.co.uk
Mon Jan 10 08:08:47 EST 2005

Simon Bain wrote:

>Of course I maybe completely wrong and the Mono guys and girls are as we
>speak integrating the Borland RTL, and Borland have placed a department of
>developers to work on this very issue.
Sorry I diidnt mean to imply that the Mono community should redirect 
there energies and impressive talents
to integrate the RTL and I dont expect Borland have gone beyond 
sketching out their development plans for Linux.
But I am saying that this is the right time frame for Borland customers 
to speak to Borland  about Mono and Kylix.

Latest new for C++ builder sees the product folded into the  Delphi  
2006 IDE if not sooner. With the remote
possibility of C++.net.

David Champion

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