[Mono-devel-list] Borland Delphi 2005 Suport

Simon Bain sibain at tendotzero.com
Mon Jan 10 07:13:19 EST 2005

Sorry to be a pessimist here. BUT in the past Borland has promised a lot
and delivered very little. Especially to their C++ community.

I was a customer of Borland since Verion 1 of Builder, until version 5,
which I spent many many pounds on. I stupidly purchased Kylix and even
then believed their promisses.

If they are monitoring this group then Hi. However I would suggest that
the Mono developers should continue their brilliant work with making Mono
an open source .NET platform, which they have so far managed to do

If other software vendors wish to support it then maybe they should do
some of the running and make their apps complient, instead of expecting
others to run to them. (Ahh Microsoft how are you. Sorry went off on one

I am sure that Borland are trying very hard at the moment however I would
have thought because of their loyalty to Delphi customers they would be
very wary of doing anything that would stop backward compatability which
would seem to me to be a big hurdle for Mono integration.

Of course I maybe completely wrong and the Mono guys and girls are as we
speak integrating the Borland RTL, and Borland have placed a department of
developers to work on this very issue.

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<quote who="David Champion">
> Matthijs ter Woord (meddochat) wrote:
>>Borland Delphi and Chrome aren't source compatible.
>>>Alternatively, instead of supporting a company that apparently doesn't
>>>care about Mono (Borland), we could instead direct Pascal programmers
>>>over to RemObjects Chrome, which provides a Pascal dialect that is fully
>>>managed and already runs on Mono.
> I believe that Borland does care about Mono. I believe that they are
> monitoring this mailing list
> and keeping an eye on the progress of Mono. (scarey :-)
> Borland have promised to refocus on Linux in 2005. This may translate
> into a revised compiler for
> the Kylix product and a them targeting Mono as part of the .Net support
> in Delphi 2006.
> Obviously they will need Winforms on Mono and to remove any Windows
> dependancies
> in the RTL and rework VCL.NET.
>  From a customers point of view I would like to see a version of the
> VCL, maybe VCL 2.0 that
> is primarily a cross platform  alternative to Winforms. Ie. single
> source code for
> Win32, Windows.net, Native Linux and Mono.net.
> Delphi 2005 has an IDE that would be a real asset to the Mono community
> and Mono developement
> would be real asset to delphi developers.
> David Champion
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