[Mono-devel-list] Adrotators crashing IE?

Jason Starin | Giant Head jasonstarin at giant-head.com
Thu Jan 6 15:39:20 EST 2005

I have some plain old adrotators on webform pages, that are called to an
html page as iframes.

The adrotators work, but something fishy happens if I close the first window
to a page from one of the adrotators.  If I then click on another adrotator,
the page comes up, freezes and then crashes IE.  But the weird thing is it
doesn't affect all machines the same exact way!  Some XP IE boxes work fine.
All Mozilla based browsers are fine, but every user with XP home edition and
IE 6.0 seems affected, and every user with Win2000 Pro with IE 6.0 seems
affected, while XP Pro users with IE 6.0 seem unaffected.  It doesn't seem
to matter about SP 1 for IE 6.0

To reproduce the problem, use the standard mono sample web_adrotator.aspx
and call it onto an html page in an iframe like this:
<iframe src="http://thesite/aspnet/web_adrotator.aspx"
name="adscroller_uniquenameforeach1" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"
frameborder="0" width="120px" height="65px" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Anyone got a fix or something I'm overlooking?  Is this a problem for all


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