[Mono-dev] LINQ Standard Query Operators for Mono

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Fri Dec 16 09:50:23 EST 2005

I attach a .tar.gz file with the implementation.


P.D.: Is there any plan to create a DLinq-like thing for Mono?

Atsushi Eno escribió:

> Hi,
> Alejandro Serrano wrote:
>> I finally finished implementing the LINQ System.Query code. Some things 
> congrats :-)
>> were a bit tricky, because Dictionary<K, T> doesn't allow null 
>> values, so I had to make some additional checks on Grouping 
>> operators. I've created a Makefile in order to be included in the 
>> mcs/class/System.Query folder, but I don't know if it is well done.
> Having mcs/class/System.Query would be fine, but for now we don't
> have to integrate this directory in our build process (System.Xml.XLinq
> isn't integrated, as well).
>> Where do I send the code? In a zip file directly to this list? Or to 
>> anyone in particular?
> zip file would be ok. This list has message size limitation to 80kb
> or whatever (in that case some of us can approve it). If it is much
> bigger (I guess not), I can upload somewhere for you.
>> Alejandro
>> P.D.: I hope extension methods get in Mono C# compiler very soon, 
>> because this would allow to use this operators ver easily. Other C# 
>> 3.0 features such as lambda expressions of query-like expressions 
>> aren't as important as this, but I think extension methods are both 
>> easy to implement (just check some more classes) and very helpful. Of 
>> course, this is just my idea :-)
> It won't happen very soon. For C# 3.0 features, you will have to wait
> at least to get it checked in svn (local gmcs patches are always 
> possible). See
> http://tirania.org/blog//texts/mono-status.html#csharp
> Atsushi Eno

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