[Mono-dev] LINQ Standard Query Operators for Mono

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Thu Dec 15 21:05:55 EST 2005


Alejandro Serrano wrote:
> I finally finished implementing the LINQ System.Query code. Some things 

congrats :-)

> were a bit tricky, because Dictionary<K, T> doesn't allow null values, 
> so I had to make some additional checks on Grouping operators. I've 
> created a Makefile in order to be included in the mcs/class/System.Query 
> folder, but I don't know if it is well done.

Having mcs/class/System.Query would be fine, but for now we don't
have to integrate this directory in our build process (System.Xml.XLinq
isn't integrated, as well).

> Where do I send the code? In a zip file directly to this list? Or to 
> anyone in particular?

zip file would be ok. This list has message size limitation to 80kb
or whatever (in that case some of us can approve it). If it is much
bigger (I guess not), I can upload somewhere for you.

> Alejandro
> P.D.: I hope extension methods get in Mono C# compiler very soon, 
> because this would allow to use this operators ver easily. Other C# 3.0 
> features such as lambda expressions of query-like expressions aren't as 
> important as this, but I think extension methods are both easy to 
> implement (just check some more classes) and very helpful. Of course, 
> this is just my idea :-)

It won't happen very soon. For C# 3.0 features, you will have to wait
at least to get it checked in svn (local gmcs patches are always 
possible). See

Atsushi Eno

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