[Mono-dev] RE: [Mono-patches] r48374 - in trunk/mcs/class/System.Drawing: .System.Drawing Test/System.Drawing

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Tue Aug 16 08:26:40 EDT 2005


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> From: Andrew Skiba [mailto:andrews at mainsoft.com] 
> Sent: dinsdag 16 augustus 2005 13:58
> To: Gert Driesen
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> Subject: RE: [Mono-patches] r48374 - in 
> trunk/mcs/class/System.Drawing: .System.Drawing Test/System.Drawing
> Hi Gert.
> You wrote:
> > I'm still working on additional fixes and tests, I should get 
> > things stable today (meaning tests should pass on both mono 
> > and MS.NET).
> > 
> > Gert
> Can you make things stable before committing, please? We are actively
> working on System.Drawing these days, and it is very disturbing when
> tests fail on mono and dotnet (before we speak about java).
> Also it takes time to review commits if they are lengthy, have
> reformatting changes like 
> -
> -using NUnit.Framework;
>  using System;
> -using System.Drawing;
>  using System.Collections;
>  using System.ComponentModel;
> +using System.Drawing;
>  using System.Globalization;
> +using System.Threading;
> +using NUnit.Framework;
> +
> and svn:eol-style changes for tens of files. Can you at least 
> during our
> active development in the same namespace try to minimize diffs? It's
> fine to remove unused TearDown functions and Assertion inheritance
> sometime, but why to do it now, when we work on the very same 
> files, so
> it can produce more conflicts?

Ok, didn't know you were working on it (very) actively. Sorry about that.

I've finished committing all necessary changes. All tests for the classes I
touched now pass on Mono (Windows) and MS.NET 1.x.

I'll hold off on making further changes.


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