[Mono-dev] Re: [Mono-devel-list] Initial ARM JIT port in svn

Paul F. Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Aug 9 02:55:37 EDT 2005


> >I have no interest or plans to do a PocketPC port myself (if I had a pda
> >I'd run a useful operating system on it, like Linux).
> Sure... Linux runs on every PDA out there....

That's not quite true - there are some that it refuses to run on due to
problems with the interface and pointing devices.

> Mr. Paolo, it seems that you've managed to pass your anger against
> microsoft in a single "textual" sentence. No problem... I'm also not
> very fond of it either. But, as it seems, when the market DO buy those
> PDAs, and when people ONLY use them, if you want to sell a product,
> you have to develop for that OS... There's no point in so much anger,
> is there? This isn't ideological discussion. It's a fact!

You're totally correct. However, on the other side of the coin, if you
never offer them a choice, you get nowhere. We can go into the whys and
wherefores from now until sometime approaching the year dot on how the
computing industry has managed to get into such a poor state, but it is
a waste of time and resources. I'm with both of you on this one.

> Hmmm... After all... Mono do exist after a product from Microsoft... 

Correct. Why not just use cygwin and bung it onto the PDA after all?

> If people want to change this scenario, it's not only in the hands of
> the tool developers, it's also in the hands of the application
> developers. 

Yep. As we all know, anything written in C# and compiled using Mono will
work correctly on a Windows box. All you need is a blatant advert on all
Mono packages saying so - not that the end user will give a toss.

> Now guess what the end-user will choose...

No. The end user uses the end product. They're not that interested in
where it comes from. Case in point. Those who have used OpenOffice 2
often prefer it to MS Office 2003, yet those who buy the software for
companies (etc) don't see the word MS and so avoid the far better
alternative. Discuss.

> >But you should feel free to contribute such port or to hire
> >someone to do it. The same goes for a Symbian or RISC OS port.
> Well... I feel honored that you give me permission to contribute or
> *hire* someone to do it.

Come on. There are a number of companies out there using and
contributing to Mono. What is to say one (or more than one) don't turn
around and say "Hey you - here's a wad of money, now port Mono for

> >I'm personally more interested in hearing from people with
> >access to devices like the nokia 770, ipaqs running linux etc.
> Good luck with that.
> Let me make one thing clear and straight: I didn't like your answer.

I think we can tell!

> You deserve everyone's respect for your efforts in the open-source
> community, and that's it. I asked you a simple question, without
> offending anyone. If you can't control your idealisms and respect the
> others, well... Email me privately that I will answer you adequately.

It's the old usenet idiom - you post here, you get a reply here. That is
unless the reply is very specific (such as I've had in the past)

> As for this mailing-list, all I have to ask is sorry for this post. 
> No further messages will be necessary in this thread. 



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