[Mono-dev] Re: [Mono-devel-list] Initial ARM JIT port in svn

Hugo Ferreira bytter at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 19:10:03 EDT 2005

Dear Paolo

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 15:40:44 +0200 Paolo Molaro wrote:

>On 08/04/05 Hugo Ferreira wrote:
>> Does this mean Mono for PocketPC is getting closer? :D
>I have no interest or plans to do a PocketPC port myself (if I had a pda
>I'd run a useful operating system on it, like Linux).

Sure... Linux runs on every PDA out there....
Mr. Paolo, it seems that you've managed to pass your anger against
microsoft in a single "textual" sentence. No problem... I'm also not
very fond of it either. But, as it seems, when the market DO buy those
PDAs, and when people ONLY use them, if you want to sell a product,
you have to develop for that OS... There's no point in so much anger,
is there? This isn't ideological discussion. It's a fact!

Hmmm... After all... Mono do exist after a product from Microsoft... 

If people want to change this scenario, it's not only in the hands of
the tool developers, it's also in the hands of the application
developers. If they don't have an option, they choose for what they
got... If when they get interested in alternatives, they got an answer
like yours.. Well... I'm glad this isn't always the case...

Now guess what the end-user will choose...

>But you should feel free to contribute such port or to hire
>someone to do it. The same goes for a Symbian or RISC OS port.

Well... I feel honored that you give me permission to contribute or
*hire* someone to do it.

>I'm personally more interested in hearing from people with
>access to devices like the nokia 770, ipaqs running linux etc.

Good luck with that.
Let me make one thing clear and straight: I didn't like your answer.
You deserve everyone's respect for your efforts in the open-source
community, and that's it. I asked you a simple question, without
offending anyone. If you can't control your idealisms and respect the
others, well... Email me privately that I will answer you adequately.

As for this mailing-list, all I have to ask is sorry for this post. 
No further messages will be necessary in this thread. 


Hugo Ferreira

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