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Sindhu Gururaj sindhu.gururaj at celstream.com
Mon Apr 4 03:44:31 EDT 2005

Thanks a lot for the immediate reply.
I thought that the installer "Monoframework-1.1.5.dmg would take care of
installing libgdiplus.

Even before using the installer, I had tried to build libgdiplus-1.1.4 &
libgdiplus-1.1.5 manually.
Both versions are giving errors while compiling.
If I have to install libgdiplus manually, Can you please point me to the
installer of libgdiplus as I am unable to build from source.
Thanks for your time.

Warm Regards,
Sindhu Gururaj,
sindhu.gururaj at celstream.com,
Ext - 2209.

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El dl 04 de 04 del 2005 a les 12:47 +0530, en/na Sindhu Gururaj va
> I am interested in using Mono with System.Windows.Forms support on Mac
> OS X - Panther 10.3.
> Installed the MonoFramework-1.1.5.dmg available at http://www.mono-
> project.com/Downloads.
> This is posted on March 31st 2005
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Have you installed libgdiplus?

Mac OS X support in System.Windows.Forms is an ongoing effort that is alpha
stage right now.


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