[Mono-devel-list] Assembly referencing on Windows - Mono Tricks?

Aaron Clauson aza_rc at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 11:28:23 EDT 2004


I have been trying to figure out which assemblies are
getting used when I compile with csc and msc and then
execute with mono or the MS clr, all on Windows.

I thought a good way would be to look at the strong
name of the loaded assemblies but it appears mono is
mirroring the .Net GAC, if not in exact contents at
least in assembly names, and is using not only the
same names and versions but also the same public key?

This would make sense in order to allow apps compiled
against .Net to run against mono without recompiling.
However, doesn't this raise a security concern since
the mono assemblies can't be signed with the private
key (since it belongs to MS) and are therefore loading
strong named assemblies that are falsely signed? Or am
I just way off track?


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