[Mono-devel-list] Loading Config File when Embedding Mono

Roland Schatz overmind at gmx.net
Mon Sep 20 10:11:51 EDT 2004


I have found a little issue when embedding Mono in my native application.

My native application starts up mono and executes .NET-code, and the
.NET-code calls 
back into my application using P/Invoke. The native implementation of the
functions are
inside "cdotnet60.dll" on Windows and in "libcdotnet.so.6.0.0" on Linux, so
on Linux I 
added an apropriate "dllmap"-entry in /etc/mono/config.

This works when I start mono from commandline, but when embedding mono the
config file 
does not get loaded. The function "mono_config_parse" seems to do the config
parsing, but it is not exported in the installed headers...

When I copy the private header to the public include directory and just use
function it works. Shouldn't this function be exported publicly? Or is there
another way how I should read the configfile when embedding mono?

Roland Schatz

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