[Mono-devel-list] ByteFX development

Chris Morgan chmorgan at charter.net
Fri Sep 17 15:59:35 EDT 2004

> > 
> > > If mono merges ByteFX in place of Mono.Data.MySql a few important things are
> > > fixed.
> > 
> > We already have ByteFX in our repository.
> > 

So mono ships with ByteFX.Data and the deprecated Mono.Data.MySQL?  Why even keep Mono.Data.MySQL around?

Just keeping the ByteFX name around causes confusion.  Try googling for ByteFX and you'll probably end up with www.bytefx.com which says that ByteFX development has ended and moved to the MySql connector.  If you stumble upon the sourceforge project you'll find nearly the same.

Why not replace the deprecated Mono.Data.MySQL implementation with the ByteFX.Data one, since Mono.Data.MySQL is deprecated anyway?  People are unlikely to use Mono.Data.MySQL since it is labeled as deprecated but  if they did what happens when things break and are no longer supported?

Having just Mono.Data.MySQL seems much simpler and less confusing from an end-users perspective.  Because it is an integrated mono component it instills confidence that it won't go unsupported.  I guess I just think it will be better for mono and its users in the long run.


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