[Mono-devel-list] Victory and More Questions about Syncing Runtime with Compiler

Joseph Griffin overacliff at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 12:46:02 EDT 2004

Well, I FINALLY was able to compile Mono from the Oct 26 tarball using the monolite bootstrap. But I have little confidence in what I have done.
What I did:
Reinstalled Redhat - sounds ridiculous I know...
Installed pkconfig and glib
download the monolite-latest.tar.gz
cd to the mono subdirectory
ran ./autogen.sh
when autogen.sh finishes, the prompt says "type make to compile" - this is wrong (I think) if you are installing with no working Mono compiler.. So I typed make monolite-bootstrap
typed make install
Ta-Da!! It worked.
That was at work. Went home and repeated the same on my Fedora Core 2 machine and my nemesis error - "Found corlib version 22 expected version 28- popped up again.
Some one please fill in the gaps for me-
Assume the following:
Monday - Install Mono.Net with corlib version 28
Tuesday - Mono.Net with corlib version 29 comes out - need to upgrade
Do I:
Download everything into a *new* directory from CVS
Or do I:
Copy over everything in my existing directory from CVS
I'm finding out that "make uninstall" does not blast the old version of corlib off my harddrive...
How do I verify what version of corlib I'm using?
What files do I need to delete to force the system to recompile corlib (using the bootstrap)?
Thanks for any help or answers you can provide...


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