[Mono-devel-list] Trouble building Mono from cvs

Benjamin Joldersma ben at joldersma.org
Wed Oct 27 12:30:04 EDT 2004

Hello all,

I figured out the problem - in the autogen.sh script, after configure 
completes, my config.h is empty.  So I copied over the defines from the 
end of config.log (originally just the first four that got it to 
compile, but then, no gc, so I copied them all over, and now I have 
one).  This obviously is sub-ideal.  I'm still getting up to speed with 
the open source auto-make tools.  Does anyone know why my config.h isn't 
generating correctly?

Thanks all,


Benjamin Joldersma wrote:

> Benjamin Joldersma wrote:
>> In file included from ../../mono/io-layer/handles-private.h:16,
>>                 from daemon.c:30:
>> ../../mono/io-layer/wapi-private.h:32:2: #error configure failed to 
>> discover size of unix socket path
> Sorry, I forgot to mention - in config.log, the size of unix socket 
> path test program exited cleanly, and returned 108.  If I added 
> #define MONO_SIZEOF_SUNPATH 108 to /mono/config.h, this error goes 
> away, but all the following ones are identical.
> --ben

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