[Mono-devel-list] Mono Runtime AOP - Book recommendation for the runtime

Christoph Stiedl Shorty.10 at gmx.at
Wed Oct 20 03:38:51 EDT 2004


My name is Christoph. I study Software Engineering and
I am currently doing my internship.

The topic of my internship is to extend the
mono runtime with aspect behavior.
(AOP = Aspect Oriented Programming)

At the moment I've got no glimpse where to
start understanding mono.
I have to implement additional code at
loading classes, jit compiling classes
and rejitting classes. Could you please help me
to find the corresponding places in the code.

Furthermore I'd be very happy if you could recommend
me some books to read for understanding the runtime and
its behavior. For short: Which books should I read to understand mono?
I have already visited the "book" page on the homepage 
(http://www.mono-project.com/about/books.html), but those books are 
rather more about compilers. What I would like to ask is, if there are some
good books about runtimes themselves and about the architecture, mainly
corresponding to mono.

I assume that you are very busy and I know that it is not
your task to help students but it would be very kind if you'd
gave me some advice.

Thanks very much in advance


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