[Mono-devel-list] Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Parser bug or .NET incompatible feature?

Jon Benson Jon at destra.com
Wed Oct 20 03:14:07 EDT 2004

Hi folks,
I'm developing an application on Windows .NET and porting it (as I go)
to Mono on Linux.
Using mono 1.0.2 I ran in to the following error.
Unhandled Exception: System.Data.SyntaxErrorException: Expression
'LEN(status) > 0 AND status NOT LIKE 'deferred%' AND LEN(clientip) > 0'
is invalid.
in <0x00163> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions.Parser:Compile (string)
in <0x000a8> System.Data.DataTable:Select
in <0x0001a> System.Data.DataTable:Select (string,string)

What I found is I had to change the expression used from:
LEN(status) > 0 AND status NOT LIKE 'deferred%' AND LEN(clientip) > 0
LEN(status) > 0 AND NOT status LIKE 'deferred%' AND LEN(clientip) > 0
NOTE also that I had to add the "LEN(status) > 0 AND" to a similar
expression already to stop Mono falling over with a null reference
exception when trying to evaluate the status LIKE 'sent%' where .NET
handles it for me.
Jon Benson
Mail/DNS/Linux Administrator
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