[Mono-devel-list] moving things after the migration

Marek Safar marek.safar at seznam.cz
Tue Nov 23 02:50:45 EST 2004


>>                             Hi all,
>> Now that the SVN migration is complete, we could consider
>>directories in our source tree. Some favourites of mine:
>>- move mcs/{tests,errors} to mcs/mcs/{tests,errors}
>>- same for btests, jtests etc.
>>- Rename class/<assembly>/Test to class/<assembly>/test for us unix
>Also, System.XML should be System.Xml, the name of the assembly. However,
>we'd probably have to do this in the 1.0 branch as well for sanity.
>There are also some defunct stuff that looks like it could be removed:
>all .cvsignore files (handled by svn props)
>Also, ObjectSpaces in mcs/class should probably be removed as MSFT is not
>considering shipping it, and if they ever did the code would likely be so
>changed that our current stuff would be useless. Are there other defunct
>classlibs like this?

I think at least Mono.Globalization is obsolete.


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