[Mono-devel-list] moving things after the migration

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Mon Nov 22 12:15:24 EST 2004

>                              Hi all,
>  Now that the SVN migration is complete, we could consider
> renaming/moving
> directories in our source tree. Some favourites of mine:
> - move mcs/{tests,errors} to mcs/mcs/{tests,errors}
> - same for btests, jtests etc.
> - Rename class/<assembly>/Test to class/<assembly>/test for us unix
> users.

Also, System.XML should be System.Xml, the name of the assembly. However,
we'd probably have to do this in the 1.0 branch as well for sanity.

There are also some defunct stuff that looks like it could be removed:

all .cvsignore files (handled by svn props)

Also, ObjectSpaces in mcs/class should probably be removed as MSFT is not
considering shipping it, and if they ever did the code would likely be so
changed that our current stuff would be useless. Are there other defunct
classlibs like this?

-- Ben

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